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PG Career Agency is a recruitment agency that specializes in skilled and talented foreign job seekers.

We firmly believe that the KEY to solving the lack of potential recruits is to not be limited to those who are within the country, but also take advantage of potential talents on a global scale.
However, a lot of employers are not aware as to how to connect with skilled and talented recruits.There may be a specific image towards different people, but the fact is: Potentials who are seeking for work in Japan always put their best foot forward, and are full of ambition.

Their importance is clearly seen in our company development which was supported by people of different nationalities representing more than half of our employees.

Our company’s database is composed of active candidates who are seeking for opportunities, and through the use of our extensive connections and affiliates we are also able source talents on a global scale.
We provide companies with only the best candidates after careful employee screening and selection from our foreign based database.
Also, we go through specific follow up processes in order to make sure that both the employer and employee are satisfied.

Whether you are looking for experienced candidates and/or fresh graduates, please do not hesitate to consult us.

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