Specialized in the IT ・engineering field, we introduce foreign job seekers to employers by taking advantage of our vast network.

Foreigners who are actively seeking opportunities are not one to underestimate, they are highly motivated and have that eagerness to learn. More than the Japanese national if not.

For employers who are seeking global expansion, the crucial job of negotiating with locals can be entrusted to them.

Our database has a vast variety of potential recruits, from very experienced veterans in their own industry, to newly graduates who are looking for opportunities in Japan.
We only provide the best talent to match your company’s values and culture which is done through rigorous screening.
We not only work as a bridge between the employer and the employee but also provide follow up services if required.

For foreign job seekers, our international staff will provide you with abundant knowledge to pass the interview and enter the Japanese market.
This way, it will be a win-win situation at its best.

We are continuously improving our services to match your expectations, so feel free to ask us anything.
Moreover, we also have registrants in our database who are in the hospitality/food and service group. If the employer is seeking for such, please do not hesitate to consult with us.