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  1. Accuracy, safety, usefulness of the posted information.
  2. Always updated information.
  3. Losses or damages which may arise out of using this site.
  4. Unannounced server stoppage, modification of information, and suspension of the services, as well as any loss or damage resulting from those reasons.

Furthermore, Our Company considers that by accessing this Site, users are agreeing to the terms of use.

1. Protection of copyrights and intellectual property rights

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2. Provision to the third party

The following actions are prohibited when using this site:

  1. Infringement of this Site’s the Industrial Property Act, the Copyright Act, and other property
  2. Slander, libel, and intimidation to this Site.
  3. Taking advantage, damaging or doing actions that may negatively affect this Site.
  4. Actions that may damage the reputation of this Site and every operating company.
  5. Using this Site for commercial and/or other personal gain purposes.
  6. Obscene and vulgar actions or statements that offend public order and morals.
  7. Using or giving harmful programs such as computer virus, and any related actions.
  8. Actions that breach or may breach laws (including exportation related laws).
  9. Actions that violate these terms of use and interfere or may interfere with this Site or third parties.

3. Disclaimers

We shall not be liable to any user unless otherwise indicated in the terms of use relevant to other services of Our Company.
Also, we do not guarantee the up-to-dateness, accuracy, usefulness, appropriateness to particular purposes, functionality, and safety from computer virus or other harmfulnesses of this Site’s contents.

We shall take no responsibility for any loss or damage rising out of the modification of these terms of use or the Site suspension.

4. Exclusion of anti-social forces

Members shall announce and guarantee the following terms when using this career support service. Whenever members breach the announcement and guarantee, we reserve the right to immediately terminate to provide the career support service and cancel all agreements, contracts and applications concluded between members and us, without giving any preliminary notice.

  1. Members are not involved with anti-social forces. (Refers to any group of, or related to those stipulated in the "Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members").
  2. Members do not work with anti-social force nor do similar actions.
  3. Members do not provide any funds to anti-social force nor do similar actions.
  4. Members do not identify themselves as an anti-social force to damage Our Company's reputation, obstruct business or make unjust demands, nor do similar actions.

5. Governing law and competent court

These terms of use and this Site are governed in accordance with Japanese law.
Furthermore, disputes relating to these terms of use and this Site will be resolved by the exclusive jurisdiction of a competent court, namely the Tokyo District Court.